Staying Sober

Being sober or sobriety is the state in which there is no substance abuse or alcohol consumption. A sober person does not drink alcohol or use any form of drugs to get away from everyday lives. To live a sober life, one should be motivated subconsciously for not consuming alcohol or drugs rather than by the pressure from friends and family. In this article, we discuss the importance of being sober in life. But first, we need to know about the reasons why people don’t want to be sober.

The reason behind any kind of alcohol consumption or drug abuse is that people want something interesting in their life. Human beings have an innate instinct on the following pleasure over pain. They want to experience more sober rather than going to work or college, talking with family and doing things. The idea is to experience the altered state of mind, the idea is to experiment with different versions of reality. People drink to forget their stress and anxiety. The alcohol helps in numbing the stressors of life so do other drugs like marijuana. However, our social norms also encourage is to drink hence the teenagers also get exposed to alcohol early and they are more curious to try. After trying and getting the sense of euphoria and pleasure, they want to get it more often which may lead to drinking habit. Although alcohol gives pleasure and makes us forget our stress, it is making us incapable to handle our daily lives on a long run.

Sobriety won’t sound like a good idea unless you know where not being sober Ieads. Being sober might make us feel completely strange and foreign to deal with the society in beginning, but it is incredibly rewarding. Living a sober life makes us healthier, more youthful and alert. Just after the alcohol leaves the body system, the skin glows charmingly, the eyes are clearer and the mind is now more focused. We feel as if there was a huge cloud in our brain which just passed away. People start feeling better about themselves after quitting drinking as there is no guilt of getting drunk. There is nothing quite like a good night sleep and waking up refreshed in the morning with full energy after being sober. There is nothing that is disturbing your brain to function while the brain is producing the required amount of dopamine and serotonin which leads to a happier lifestyle.

The productivity on life increases itself after being sober, you don’t have to worry about the time to wake up, time to hit the bar, time to visit the dealer. Eventually, you will have more free time and also extra cash to spend on your work and with family. You can spend your time reading books, playing games, camping and traveling. The awareness in the brain increases drastically that you will never miss the minor details. You will be able to maintain a healthier relationship with people and will have enough time to nurture it and make it more meaningful.

The most rewarding point of these all benefits of being sober is that you can free yourself from the guilt and shame of being drunk or addictive. You can now feel good about yourself and you will carry that self-esteem everywhere you go. Every battle in life can be fought living a sober life with more energy and passion than forgetting the problem by getting drunk.

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