Why sell to a real estate investor instead

Homeowners have multiple options when it is time to sell their house. Most of the time properties are listed with a Realtor or sold by the owner. A less conventional method is for a homeowner to sell their home to an investor. Lets look at some benefits of selling your home to an investor like home buyers houston tx:


The first and most obvious factor when selling to an investor is speed. If you look at any advertisement for home buyers near you, you’ll most likely learn that they can close in as little as two weeks. A huge factor contributing to this is their ability to secure financing. Because they need consistent funding to buy all the houses it takes to be an active investor, they’ve already sought out alternative financing options. Whereas a retail buyer may go to a bank and take months to secure conventional financing, and investor most likely already has a relationship with private lenders, hard money lenders, mortgage brokers, etc. and can close fast.

2. “AS IS” SALE:

Most investors don’t mind buying a house that is a little dirty and needs some repairs. In fact, that’s what there are most comfortable with. To buy homes at a discount and make a profit, investors are used to buying houses that may need a little work. An investor looks at a dirty or damaged house and looks at it as a gold mine. While it may take you months to find a trustworthy contractor at an excellent price to make the repairs, an investor already has this lineup. If he doesn’t have his team, he has one he regularly works with and is familiar enough with the industry not to get ripped off.


An investor, however, is usually out to buy as many as he can. Since he’s not going to live in the house himself, he won’t make any emotional decisions at the last minute and bail. Because he’s so used to evaluating deals and making offers, chances are if he told you he’s interested he plans to make some money. There’s little chance that an investor would back out of a deal he’s going to make money on.


With an investor you won’t have to deal with the frustration of building the house spotless every time you go out- he’ll tell you immediately if he’s prepared to make an offer or not- no cleaning or leave required!

Some people are hesitant to take this route because they’re scared of getting taken advantage of. They know that the investor has to make a profit and knows they are motivated- how can they tell if they’re getting a fair deal? My answer to these people would always be to remember the trade-off. Yes, it’s true that if you sell through a realtor or even yourself, you may get your original asking price, but at what cost? You’ll never have the security that you’ll eventually sell it, and you may have to wait months on the market which may cost you the difference in prices anyway. Once you decide to work with an investor make sure you get offers from several of them.

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