The PG6025 trimmer is special

If you have been in the market for a trimmer, then you must have come across the Remington brand. There are so many models to the Remington name, but the PG6025 trimmer has gotten the attention of many men out there. It is a versatile model that has been appreciated by many men due to the ingenious design and features.

So what makes the PG6025 special? Why should you spend more on this model if you are in need of a trimmer?

This article fromĀ Beard Care Shop will help to put this model into perspective for you.

Cordless use

First of all the PG6025 has a lithium ion battery. You can plug in the trimmer when not in use and have it charged up. When fully charged you get over one hour of use time from the battery without the need to have it plugged in.

The trimmer is easy to use in the bathroom and perfect for travel. If you have tried using a corded trimmer in the bathroom, then you can appreciate how the cords can get in the way. The PG6025 gives you complete freedom.


The attachments determine the versatility of your clipper and the PG6025 is highly versatile. It comes with the linear, nose, foil and ear attachments. This means that you get to take care of all your facial hair with one trimmer.

That’s not all you get. The trimmer also comes with three combs with an adjustable clipping guard with 8 different length settings. You can therefore get a completely customized shave for your beard and also maintain any length of beard you want.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance of trimmers is what gives most men headache. The PG6025 makes you life easy because it cleans quickly. All you have to do as you shave is run the attachments under water. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about sharpening the blades. They are self sharpening and durable. This gives you a clean shave for long.


Let’s start with the lithium battery. Most battery powered trimmers out there do not last because their batteries do not last. With the PG6025, the lithium ion battery is of high quality and lasts up to three times linger than most other batteries in the market. This therefore means more value for you.

The casing is made of high quality ABS plastic. The plastic is durable and with a superior finish. The blades will not disappoint you either. They are made of stainless steel and they are self sharpening. With all these three major parts of the trimmer taken care of, you are sure of a quality product.


Nothing makes shaving your facial hairs a disaster than using a trimmer that gets in your way. The design of the PG6025 is ergonomic and the product is light weight. With the different attachments suited for various needs, you are able to use the trimmer with ease.

With the PG6025 you are also able to reach all the hard to reach hairs on your face with ease. Your hand can move swiftly with the trimmer to make all the details you want. Whether you want to trim the edges, sideburns, neckline, nose or ears the design of the PG6025 allows for this.

The PG6025 trimmer has definitely changed the game. It is the go-to trimmer for all men looking to take care of their facial hairs with ease. It offers you the freedom that you need with a trimmer with versatility to meet your different needs. Definitely, this trimmer is worth so much more than Remington gives it for.

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